Weight Management

Weight Management

This is for you if you are struggling with your weight, you are confused by the plethora of dietary advice out there and don’t know where to turn. You feel you have tried everything, and nothing has worked.

We will work together to analyze your current food and lifestyle choices. Then using a range of strategies, we will tailor a program that you and your family can follow to help you achieve the weight and health goals that you are looking for.

This may include

  • Nutritional analysis and guidance based on your current food preferences. I assess what improvements are needed to help you achieve your weight goals. We work together to help you maximize your nutritional status, addressing and allergies, intolerances, food aversions or cravings while creating the perfect eating style for you.
  • 7 day meal planning is available upon request. This includes recipes and is customized to suit you.
  • lifestyle suggestions, taking into considerations your current lifestyle choices we look at ways that you can improve your health and achieve your goals in a realistic and timely fashion. This could include but is not limited to exercise that fits within your capabilities, creating new healthy habits, meditation, journaling or mindfulness.
  • Emotional support, making major changes in your life can bring up a whole range of emotions, many of which are totally unexpected. We will work together in a way that you will feel supported throughout your journey as you strive to achieve your goals
  • Appropriate Nutritional Supplements, whether your current diet has been lacking either in type or quantity of nutritious food, maybe due to digestive or other health issues or as a result of medication you are using you may be lacking various nutrients, to overcome this while your diet and health is being improved, it may require judicious and appropriate use of nutritional supplementation.

To find out more, call or text me on 0448 229 789 or message me on my contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible. To book a consultation call me on 0448 229 789 or message me on my contact form with your best days and times.