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Julia in 2018
Julia in 2018

From when I was a young child I was noticeably taller and heavier than my class mates, as a result by the time I hit my teenage years I was very self-conscious of my appearance. This led to me trying many different “Diets” to help me overcome the difficulties I was having with body image.

During this time, I started to skip meals, exercising for many hours a day in an attempt to reach what I saw as the ‘ideal’ size; which was small, dainty and petite. However, at 170cm with a large frame this resulted in me becoming very underweight.

This changed when I was 19 and conceived my first child. The Doctor made it clear that I needed to gain weight, or I was at risk of losing my unborn child. I took his advice seriously. After the birth of my children in my early 20’s I was a little overweight but with 4 children, a husband and a hobby farm to look after I was too busy to notice.

I had developed an interest in organic products when I was in my teens. This interest intensified as we developed our hobby farm. My interest in natural health developed after two of my children were diagnosed with ADHD and my youngest with Autism. I found that by making changes to our diet, my children’s behaviour and focus improved. This allowed me to manage the challenges that I faced more easily. Over time, I completed the Advanced Diploma in Agriculture with a focus on organic farming. we were growing most of our own food and except for the occasional cold we were all healthy.

However, in 2001 I developed major depression, I was placed on several different medications, most of which had weight gain as a side effect. As a combined result of the depression and the medications I gained weight rapidly, weighing around 200Kg at my heaviest. I stayed this weight for a number of years; as a result, I developed type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and a fatty liver. In 2006 I decided I had to change and by making some modifications to my diet I lost 50Kg by 2012. unfortunately, my diabetes was still not well controlled even though I was on insulin as well as several other medications.

Julia in 2012
Julia in 2012

Then in 2013 I made the decision that I was sick of being sick! I enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy which also covered nutrition. I applied what I was learning to myself and my family. Over the next 4 years I was successful in losing more than 100Kg. As a result, I no longer require medication for my diabetes or my cholesterol, and my fatty liver has been reversed. While I’m still a work in progress, food as medicine has changed my entire life — not just my weight, I’m now fit and healthy and living life to the full.

Over the course of my journey I discovered how difficult and lonely the road is on your own. It was hard work at times and it was very easy to backslide despite my knowledge of healthy food and my deep commitment to change — even when I was faced with serious health issues.

Through my Naturopathic training I was excited to discover the incredible link between food and health, particularly mental health. This was the missing link in my earlier experiences. it gave me the knowledge and strength to make significant changes to how I felt about myself and my ability to deal with life and lose weight more easily than ever before — without fear of regaining what I had lost.

Helping others manage their wellness and to find and maintain their perfect weights is my passion. I know how well you can feel, and I know how to help you achieve your personal goals, whether you need to lose or gain weight. Food issues are best managed with support.

To find out more, call or text me on 0448 229 789 or message me on my contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible. To book a consultation call me on 0448 229 789 or message me on my contact formcontact form with your best days and times.